28 Mar 2019
SEASAC Badminton Girls 2019

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11. Eleven individuals for the season

8. Eight Seasac athletes in eighth place

2. Unexpected outperformance to Runners Up

1. One Team

- Coach Wei Yin

SEASAC was definitely a whole new challenge in balancing pressure generated by representing not only the school and the team, but myself too. So I really have to applaud at all of us who fight and played our best under the pressure we were facing - Xuan Ru

This being my final year of Seasac, I'm proud to have been a part of such a supportive and strong team. I'm thrilled to say that we exceeded our expectations this year by coming 2nd.

Coach’s quote: we are worth more than we give ourselves credit for - Yukta

We fought hard. We deserve to be happy and proud. And this happiness means a lot more because we achieve it altogether! - Khantey

My last year in SEASAC allowed me to truly show my talents through badminton but also through supporting the team. I'm proud of what we've accomplished and the goal we achieved of not being relegated (and coming from Div 2 straight to Div 1 Runner ups) !!!! - Kylie

Being a part of this team meant never being apart in mind, action, and definitely not in spirit! - Vamakshi