21 Mar 2019
RIS Softball Tournament

On friday we arrived at RIS we started off strong with a 21-4 win. Going into the second day we were confident and enthusiastic, our second game of the tournament we lost against BPS which was a major wakeup call for us as a team. We went into the third game more cautious and ended up winning against NIST. By winning 2 of our games we were given the opportunity to play against BPS one more time in the 1st & 2nd playoffs, sadly we didn’t end up winning and came 2nd overall. Although we didn’t win, we learned a lot about the game and we bonded as a team.

The ups and downs of the trip were a big learning experience because we were able to win or lose as a team. It taught us to reflect on our strengths and weaknesses throughout the weekend. We also got to spend a lot of time together which we weren't able to do before as our season is quite short. This time was essential for us to learn about ourselves and our teammates off the pitch.

Written by: Coach Agi and Scott