11 Feb 2019
SEASAC Tennis 2019

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This year, the SEASAC tournament was hosted by The British School of Jakarta. This gave us a great opportunity to experience Jakarta with the team. There were eight teams, divided into two pools. We played three round robin matches, followed by knockout games to decide the final placings.

As some of the schools fielded very strong teams, we had many tough matches, bringing out the best in us. Our team was a mix of first- timers and players who had competed in SEASAC tournaments before. All of us approached the tournament with a positive mindset, with the intention of playing to the best of our abilities. What worked in our favour, was that we were all familiar with each other, as we had trained very closely together in the tennis season. However, this trip allowed us to bond even stronger as a team - both on and off the court.

We placed 6th overall. Despite the final outcome, we ended up pushing ourselves to, and sometimes beyond our physical and mental limits. Overall it was a very memorable weekend for all of us, where we came away as better sportspeople.

Written by: Sacha Singh