12 Dec 2018
Another perspective of the SEASAC Cross Country Tournament 2018

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Over the past weekend, the UWC Cross-Country Team competed at SEASAC Cross-Country, which was hosted by Kuala Lumpur Alice Smith School in KL. This event was the culmination of almost 6 months of enduring and seemingly endless training sessions and was the perfect opportunity for each runner to showcase the improvements they had made throughout the season. The competition was split over 2 days. On day 1 was the individual 5K race. The was filled with inclines and mixed terrains; however, we were all confident our intense sessions at the Bedok Reservoir Hill would pay off. Despite this being one of the most difficult courses in our past 4 years at SEASAC, our runners performed exceptionally with everyone leaving absolutely everything on the racecourse. As a team, for boys and girls, we came 2nd. This was slightly disappointing considering we were reigning champions; however, knowing everyone tried their best couldn't have left us more pleased.

Written by: Nayana Jain