20 Nov 2018
SEASAC Football 2018

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At the start of November, the girls SEASAC football team travelled to Bangkok to participate in the annual SEASAC tournament. The weekend started off perfectly with a fantastic run from the girls on the first day, winning all their games by a long shot. With the gold medal in sights, the girls prepared for a big day on the Saturday against the top teams in the competition. After scoring over 20 girls in the first day, they felt they had made their mark in the tournament. However, the second day proved much tougher than the first with the girls losing their quarter-final game against CDNIS which meant the gold medal was no longer an option. The girls played a semi final game to avoid any relegation possibilities and managed to beat GIS on Saturday afternoon. Although not an ideal result, the girls came together on Saturday evening to prepare costumes for the SEASAC gala dinner which embodied superheroes. The team managed to find furry blanket 'capes' from a store in the mall to co-ordinate outfits along with the UWC bucket hats. It was quite a look. Following a great night at the dinner, preparation was needed for the final day and a chance at winning the plate. With injuries such as Annie's collarbone and Shaleigh's knee, it meant the team were 2 men down going into our final game of the tournament. With a large percentage of the game left, Margaux then goes down screaming in pain as the rest of the team look in distress to be losing another player leaving them with just 2 substitutes in the roasting Bangkok heat. As the game went on, exhaustion overtook and the girls saw their lead slip away. With a final placement of sixth along with the boys finishing fifth, it wasn't the ideal weekend we had all planned.

However so, friendships and bonds were made both throughout the season and on the trip that will never be broken between teammates and peers. Although not leaving with the result we wanted, we can all say there are some amazing memories with amazing people.

Written by: Lauren Pendleton-Nash.