19 Nov 2018
14U Cricketers play NPS

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"Caaaaatch!" The entire team shouted, the ball was skied as it hit the top of his bat.

"Mine!" Said Satvik, the ball was travelling away from him and had to make the distance, It's gonna be tough I thought. The ball was coming closer to him and the ball started to pick up speed. Satvik running backwards made a huge dive only getting his finger tips touching the ball, his lean body hit the bright green grass with a soft thump. "C'mon lads, no worries boys, really good stuff here lads, keep it up." I said trying to cheer Satvik up with his mind blowing attempt "Over up." Said the umpire,

I looked at Adu, "I think Aaryan should bowl... Right?"

"Yeah he'll bring the pressure up." He said in conformation. I glanced at the scoreboard, and the opposing team needed 20 runs in 30 balls (5 overs). I sighed in disbelief.

"Aaryan! Come here please!" I asked him. We both ran to the bowlers end and I said "Aaryan... You can do this, line and length and keep it very simple, nothing new, nothing silly man. We're still in this Menon! You got this!" I tried to pump him up with these words. "C'mon boys, let's encourage the bowler lads! Lets make some noise boys!" I shouted so the entire team could hear us. Suddenly there was so much encouraging and clapping within our team everyone was encouraging each other and motivating us.

Aaryan ran in with his eyes planted to the target, everyone on the field got into our ready position, crouched low and walking in expecting the ball in any position. He released the ball at the perfect area and the ball pitched and the batsman defended it, with overconfidence. 3 other balls were like this. On his 5 ball, steamed in and again we walked in, but he released the ball a bit too early and it was a full toss, that moment the ball would cross the boundary and be a four, but the batsman hit it in the air and over the fielders and the batsman scrambled for one run. The last ball he bowled only went for one run. 2 runs in this over! perfect I thought. "Yes Menon! Beauty boy, Shaabaash, well done!"

From the side boundary coach Divya said "Bowl Sid! Bowl Sid!"

"Yes coach! Sid, go on, have a bowl boy!"

Sid, walked onto the bowlers side, with his shoulders slouched a bit and his head down. "C'mon Sid! You got this boy!" And everyone started to encourage him and support him and got his confidence back. The first ball he walked and hopped in and bowled a beautiful slower ball and beautifully flighted. The batsman hit it flat and a just high enough, but... Aaryan jumped the highest he could and stretched his hands as high as he could and caught the ball, with a tumble. My heart probably skipped a beat at that moment. "YAAAASSS Boys!!! MENON YOU LEGEND! WHAT A CATCH!!! What a ball Sid brilliant stuff!" Everyone screamed and jumped around and we all gathered, and just pumped each other up. Sid ended up giving a couple of runs this over with his amazing bowling. We needed to get 3 more wickets to get them all out.

A few more overs passed, and it was the last over to bowl. They needed around 4 to 5 runs to secure the win. Ranak had the ball and we all got in closer to stop the quick runs. It was the last ball to bowl and they needed two runs to win. Ranak bowled the ball almost at the perfect place and the batsman hit it near Shaan, as the batsman were finishing the first run, Shaan ripped the ball into the bowlers end but was to far for Ranak to get a hand to... I pulled my hair and shouted "SHAAAAAAN!" but... While they were taking their second run, Saarthak was backing them up and he got the ball and threw it softly enough so Ranak could get a hand to it. Ranak grabbed the ball and swiftly hit the wickets before the batsman could reach the crease... "YAAAASSSSSSS BOYSSSSS!!! WHAT!!! WOOWWW! GUYS AMAZING!!" We all screamed shouted jumped around and danced around in disbelief and being stunned. This is why our team is motivated enough to keep on pushing and work harder for cricket!

Written by: Vihaan Maheshwari