12 Nov 2018
SEASAC Volleyball 2018

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Last weekend, the East volleyball team played in the highly competitive SEASAC tournament. With many new faces on the team, we were looking to do our best to remain in the first division. However, after playing some great games on the first day, two of which we lost in the last couple points of the final set, we realised much more was possible.

In the three days of the tournament, the team played a level of volleyball which we most definitely did not expect from players that had little experience with the sport. We competed neck-to-neck with the best teams in the tournament and, most importantly, had an amazing time doing so. Although we felt the position of 7th didn’t truly represent the level that we played, we were happy to stay in the division. Despite the frustrating result, the team had a fantastic tournament.

Written by: Tommaso Salvatori