12 Oct 2018
Dragons Cricket Club VS NPS

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They needed 20 runs in 30 balls. We needed to get four wickets left. It seemed like the batting team would easily win and we would lose our win streak, but we kept hoping. 3 overs later and they now only needed 11 runs. I heard an, " your bowling, Aaryan," from my captain and I felt the pressure straight away. I took my run up and imaged a 4 run over. I slowly increased my pace and released the ball at the perfect time. It hit the length I wanted and it was a dot ball. I bowled that ball 2 more times and they hadn't scored any runs. I decided to bowl my off cutter variation. I ran in with the ball on a slight angle and bowled the bowl. It hit the edge of the bat and went straight to point. I had got a wicket and all the adrenaline was flowing through me. This time I released the ball a little early and it was a full toss. I thought it would be a boundary, but somehow they only got 1 run. I bowled another bowl and this one was a little off my perfect length and they quickly scrambled for 1 run. It was a better over than I had imagined. I had only given 2 runs and I had also given the pressure to the other team. They now needed 9 runs in 12 balls with 3 wickets left. It was Sid's turn to bowl. 3 bowls later and a wicket had fallen. 9 balls - 8 runs. The ball was whacked straight to me and I somehow managed to grasp the ball, another wicket! The batsmen hit the ball softly and ran. He didn't realize that the field was in so it was an easy run-out and that was game. The thrilling game finished and everybody was madly screaming and dancing. This is why I play cricket!!

- Aaryan Menon UWC Cricket