12 Sep 2018
SAIS - Lions Friendship Badminton Tournament 2018

“DRAGONS ON 3… 123 DRAGONS!!!!” We cheer loudly. Everyone is ready to play - and not give up until they have fought hard until the very end. Currently, we are at the Lions Friendship tournament, for badminton. Never before have we taken home the gold trophy, but with an amazing team of 10 girls, it seems like gold could be a possible outcome today.

“Can we have UWC East singles one, two, and three against SAIS on the court first please,” The Speakers say, cutting off the music for a moment. The team encourages each other, with a chorus of, “You can do it!” and “You’ve got this!” The first three singles give it their best, and show their opponents no mercy, winning point after point, to the cheers of the rest of the team. The two doubles pairs similarly give it their all, and win their games easily. It is a clean sweep: we win 5 to 0. We are all elated, knowing that we will atleast get a silver trophy today. But then we realise: our next, and final, opponent, is Dover. And Dover is the team that usually wins this “friendly” tournament. “UWC East versus UWC Dover, singles one, two and three,” The speakers say systematically. Singles one and three win in two straight sets. Singles two loses - but only because of a shoelace and a shuttle. Doubles one also loses, however, they put up a very hard fight, and miss the win by just a whisker. However, Doubles 2 win. Not a clean sweep like against SAIS, but still pretty good. We wait for Dover and SAIS to finish playing. Now, it is time for them to announce the winners - and give out the trophies! The heart of every Dragon is beating hard: THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD. And the winners for girls are(THUD, THUD,) UWC East!!!! We congratulate each other, and the captain and vice captain take the trophy. We all smile for the many cameras, and end our day with another cheer: “DRAGONS ON 3… 123 DRAGONS!!!”

So yes, this is a story of the first match our team had, and won. But if I had elaborated more, it would have been the story of how team spirit, literally, saved the day(cringey). The whole time, the team cheered for one another, supported one another, and helped one another. So as a team, this experience was much more important than a first win. This tournament helped us form a bond, one which takes a lot to be broken. We learnt that one player, without a team, is like having one part of a jigsaw puzzle.

Written by: Vamaksi Sangle, Grade 7YMa, East Campus.