24 Jan 2018
Overview - Dragons Touch invitational Tournament 2018

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The 2018 edition of the Dragon’s Friendship Touch tournament saw a variety of schools from the likes of Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore culminating on East’s sports fields on Saturday 20th January. The day began at 8am with the first of the round robin games, each lasting two, 15 minute halves. The tournament acted as key opportunity to run plays and test defence as the majority of the teams will be heading to SEASAC or IASIS over the next few weeks, the pinnacle tournament of the Touch season! The day truly showed the unexpectedness of tropical weather as the grand final concluded in-between buckets of rain and lightning strikes.

The Dragons girls showed pure grit as both their semi-final and final ended drop off style. The final result was a narrow loss to TTS, 5 tries to 4. Onwards and upwards as the girls look forward to SEASAC next weekend!

Written by Ella Glanville.