06 Dec 2017
Overview: Lions Friendship Tournament 2017 (Volleyball)

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We came into this tournament as B team playing against the much stronger A teams. Our first game was against the SAIS team. They looked to be more skilled but our girls put out a strong fight against them and we even managed to score some of the points. This was considering that their skills level was way above us. The players displayed great attitude and determination, putting the effort to pick up every ball they hit or serve at us .

In our next game, we played against Dover for the 3rd/4th placing. Again, our girls displayed great spirit and teamwork and we won the first set but we lost the 2nd set. In the last set, our girls were determined to win and they had the belief that they could do it! We led the 3rd set from the start and we clinched the set to win the game. The team was so happy.

I think this tournament was an eye opener for our players and a great experience for everyone. I felt that it was also an opportunity for them to build the self-belief in themselves and in the team that they can achieve much more if they believe they can do it!

Written by: Coach Kelly.