06 Dec 2017
Summary: Dragons Badminton Club VS CHIJ Toa Payoh

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I think our whole team all learned a very valuable lesson throughout this badminton tournament: Is that we have to learn to lose anything properly and the correct way, not only just in games and badminton. Losing over eighty percent of the matches we were obviously very agitated and irritated finding out the results, and we certainly can’t be blamed.

But without a doubt it was still enjoyable, as we got to spend some more time with each other and as a whole team as we don’t usually see each other as a whole very often. We also got to hang out and watch, as I believe, the strongest local school in Singapore. But of course in the end, we did congratulate CHIJ for not only for beating us, but also because of their very hard earned and prestigious skills and stamina. I think we were also all very surprised about how fearless, emotionless and resilient they were.

Written by Daniel Klaaser.